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At Message Horizon we do things differently! Unlike all our competitors, we impose no surcharges as your list grows over time.

Message Horizon's unique "open pipe" model means that you don't pay for a set number of emails delivered, or for a specific list size. Instead, you pay for an hourly throughput, i.e. the speed of email delivery. Put simply, the more you pay, the faster your emails are delivered.

Email marketing pricing plans

All quoted prices are £GBP, and are subject to VAT at prevailing rate. Average delivery rates include retries and bounces so actual email campaign delivery speeds may be slower.

Why is Message Horizon's pricing model better than other systems?

  • With other systems, if you go over a set list size quota your costs rapidly jump up
  • We don't charge you for rigid email list size bandings
  • We don't limit the number of emails you send
  • No long term commitment
    After the first 3 months, you are free to cancel at any time with no penalties. If you prefer to pay annually you save 20% compared to monthly plans.

    Interested in reselling or partnering with Message Horizon? View reseller pricing here.