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Take a look at the attractive interface and snazzy reports. The Message Horizon service has been designed to provide you with maximum control but without being overly complicated.

we truly understand the needs of the smaller organisation. You need a quality service, but at a price that won't penalise you for success.

our software and pricing model have been designed to serve the needs of a rapidly growing sector of the market: the high volume email marketer that wants useful features and great reporting but in a self-service Dashboard that can be easily managed without the need for technical staff.

by understanding the requirements of this market we can offer an unrivalled service at a price no-one else can match, that does exactly what you want. We also listen to what you say, we are not a faceless Internet company. We take a pro-active view of feature requests, so if you have something you really need and we consider that it adds value to the product, we'll add it!



Simplified Email Marketing

Take control of your own Email Marketing with Message Horizon.

Manage your own Email Marketing

You want to manage your email marketing yourselves, without the need to employ a techie to do it for you.

Attractive and easy to use

You need an interface that is attractive and clean, easy to use and doesn't require extensive training.

Support whenever you need it

You want support that is responsive and efficient at the time that you need it.

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Powerful list management

Organise your subscribers without any fuss

Instantly manage lists and templates

Upload your list and your email template and send a test message within minutes rather than hours.

Full control over uploading contacts

You need to be able to upload a list of email addresses, or add them manually yourself.

List sign-up integration where you need it most

Collect email addresses from your website. Use Autoresponders to create a series of welcome messages.

Manage your contacts in groups

You want to be able to group your contacts into multiple categories, with advanced filtering and segmentation.

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Insightful stats and reports

Get all the feedback you need!

Monitor your bounces and unsubscribes

You need to know which email addresses have bounced, and who has unsubscribed from your lists.

Real-time monitoring

You want to see the outcome of your message in real-time as it's sending.

Graphical analysis with charts and reports

Clean charts and tables showing exactly who has clicked which links, and who has opened your messages.

Downloadable data

Extract lists of subscribers that clicked, opened, bounced or unsubscribed from your lists. Our Smart List wizard easily creates follow-up lists to contacts that clicked or opened your emails.

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